Wednesday, August 20, 2008

italian pizza

currently i'm working as a part-timer at an italian pizza kiosk in 1Borneo. the pay is quite good compare to when you work at other fast food chains here in sabah. the work is very easy but of course what makes me feel tired is standing all day waiting for customers. i prefer busy times then bored times. the busier i am, the faster the time passes by, however, when there's no single customer around, time feels longer and my feet will hurt more and bored is the only thing my mind can think of.....huhu...
there are 6 flavor of pizza available at this kiosk.

Friday, August 15, 2008

E.A.T.I.N.G is my P.A.S.S.I.O.N

who in the world don't like to eat???? hahaha..there are people who dislikes eating i guess..maybe those aneroxia gals because they always sees themselves as fat asses in the mirror even if their skins touched their bones sad...i myself wants to have a nice body so that i can fit perfectly with every outfit i'd love to wear..however, when it comes to dealing with my favorite food...oh no!!!! i just can't resist them all!!! the moment i post this, i feel hungrier..huhu...but then i would love to list some of my favorite food around the world..hehehe..below are the listings...

1) nasi kuning tawau/ nasi lemak
2)all the goreng-goreng punya nasi especially spicy nasi goreng kerabu
3) all kinds of fast food (kfc,mcD, PIZZA, etc.)
4) sambal especially belacan and tempoyak
5) japanese food but only the makis, sushis, teppanyakis, bentos, grilled ones
6) curry (my mum's d' best one) especially kambing
7) tempe
8) bak kut teh
9) char sau su nyuk itik fan
10) pork adobo (my dad's d' best one)
11) wan wan's tom yam
12) bakso bwh jembatan n pasar sembulan

okeh, i'll list the others next time...huh, too many to remember next time i'll update...hehehe
i'm too hungry i'll stop here cuz i want to go and makan maggi first for my dinner tonite..huhu..

convo holiday coming...!

Today is the last day of lectures before convocation week here in UMS. I'm happy and can't wait to go back to my hometown TAWAU, and of course a bit sad bcuz this convocation is supposed to be my convocation too but i just can't make it...huhuhu...owh, is my big bro's b'day too so i want to be the first to wish him so i just sms him around 9 a.m gitu..(hohoho..the first kunun)...since i'm going back to TAWAU, i'll miss all the fun activities during the convo week..especially the food stalls..nyum-nyum...(E.A.T.I.N.G is my P.A.S.S.I.O.N) hehehe..talking about food, suddenly i feel like eating since i haven't taken my dinner yet..diz afternoon i only eat two slices of pizzas (mario's pizza : smokey and capriciossa) and a piece of doughnut (big apple punya..chewah..pedahal org belanja..hihihi) okay...back to the holiday topic, i'll be in TAWAU hopefully on Monday night and be right back in KK on Friday...cuz on weekends i have my part-time job at Mario's Pizza..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

gloomy wednesday

today patut aku start my day excitedly, but then bila aku sampai d lab diz morning, tidak lah plak se excited yg aku hope for lah...ntah lah napa, so i went thru that class as usual...trying to understand each detail yg lecturer tu sampaikan tp about 20% jak kali yg masuk dlm brain aku, baru masuk, blum d proses lg tu..semuanya sbb my eyes yg dak stop mo stare at somebody in front of me...
then, after class i went straight back to the hostel, kunun2 nya mo cuci kain lah ni, skalinya end up sitting at my desk layan movie korea...hehehe....blum abis layan movies tersebut, aku ready2 mo p my next class lah pulak..another boring one, but aku try jugak lah mo understand cuz this subject is so damn confusing and too many equations...the lecturer yang say so yaa....not my own i sat in front, meja paling depan lagi, to get the best view lah kunun...(maka mo elak dari kena suruh buat d depan..hahaha..) so, after 2 sleepy hours the class finally ends....
aku pun rushlah kluar mo balik hostel cuz in mind sudah plan mo take a nap after the long walk back to my room (fuyoo..kena naik bukit tu untuk sampai room aku..blok hostel aku adalah yg terletak paling tinggi d ums kalo ukur dr bawah paras laut gitu..)
tetapi malang sekali, as i said's a gloomy wednesday...suddenly it rains before i step out of my school foyer....hoho..kecewa la....
to let the time pass by, i borrowed my friend's laptop to main the internet pandai buring jugak oo main tenet ni...abis check email or messages, dak tau suda mo buat i blog lah....teda crita sangat so aku crita lah today's experience...