Friday, August 15, 2008

E.A.T.I.N.G is my P.A.S.S.I.O.N

who in the world don't like to eat???? hahaha..there are people who dislikes eating i guess..maybe those aneroxia gals because they always sees themselves as fat asses in the mirror even if their skins touched their bones sad...i myself wants to have a nice body so that i can fit perfectly with every outfit i'd love to wear..however, when it comes to dealing with my favorite food...oh no!!!! i just can't resist them all!!! the moment i post this, i feel hungrier..huhu...but then i would love to list some of my favorite food around the world..hehehe..below are the listings...

1) nasi kuning tawau/ nasi lemak
2)all the goreng-goreng punya nasi especially spicy nasi goreng kerabu
3) all kinds of fast food (kfc,mcD, PIZZA, etc.)
4) sambal especially belacan and tempoyak
5) japanese food but only the makis, sushis, teppanyakis, bentos, grilled ones
6) curry (my mum's d' best one) especially kambing
7) tempe
8) bak kut teh
9) char sau su nyuk itik fan
10) pork adobo (my dad's d' best one)
11) wan wan's tom yam
12) bakso bwh jembatan n pasar sembulan

okeh, i'll list the others next time...huh, too many to remember next time i'll update...hehehe
i'm too hungry i'll stop here cuz i want to go and makan maggi first for my dinner tonite..huhu..

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