Sunday, April 19, 2009


no i'm not!!
although sometimes i fell down and cried,
i wil never let myself stay that way and been carried away..
although there's a lot of weaknesses in me,
i always keep myself stand strong..
once, a friend told me.." you're not a loser, everytime you fell down, i know you'll always stand up and fight're always like that, and i know you always will be..i believe that cuz that's the girl i know from before.."
mum also said "this is you...always shines and full of surprises...every single failure you brought to us will bring after it something that can make us proud..we believe in you!!remember that.."
papa said to me few days back, " papa thought you've got everything from coolness, patience and a heart as strong as a rock but very delicate inside...and i know you, just have faith!"
with all these great peeps in my life, how could i be a loser???

ps: wish me all the best in my finals guys!!
luv u all...xoxo!