Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scion iQ Concept...i LoiKe!!!

check this out guys!!

yeah..i know...isn't she a beauty??
check out those supercool wheels...
they're 18-in. custom wheels on a micro subcompact vehicle..
the wheels are pushed out towards the corners for stability and ready to race..!! damn cool!!
with darkened aero headlights, roof spoiler at the back for sporty look..
on the inside, a retractable 10-in. LCD screen which serves as entertainment as well as navigation system and when not in use, it lays firm and flat on the dash with a cover that emits colorful array of lights, with a push of a button the screen is opened...

on the inside..and i think thats the LCD in the centre of the upper dash..

frontview..looks like she's got an evil smile..she's just so proud of herself..

rearview..nice and sexy!!

the cutest, coolest car ever..!!